Planning Committee

Walmer Town Council’s Planning Committee meets every three weeks through the year to consider all planning applications within the town and also those in surrounding areas which may have an impact on Walmer in areas such as traffic congestion. Applications could be work to trees that are under a Tree Preservation Order or could be building works of all sizes and descriptions from outline planning permission to an estate of new builds or small modifications to a listed property. The Committee also considers matters relating to the planning process at National, County and District level affecting the Town.

All applications have a notice placed near the property by Dover District Council, informing residents and interested parties of the proposed work. Walmer T Council posts a link to all applications that will be considered at each planning meeting on their website and interested parties for or against any application are welcome to attend and give their views in person or post a comment on DDC’s planning website.

At each Walmer Planning Committee meeting the public is welcomed and invited to speak. During the current restrictions, applicants are reminded that good clear plans and clear photographs are a vital tool in assessing applications of all types as visits to properties cannot currently be made. In normal times all members of the planning committee aim to visit all sites to familiarize themselves with the location and the adjacent properties that could be affected by the works proposed. Such visits by Councillors will need either the owner, architect or agent present to help inform a comprehensive and fair assessment of the application.

The Assistant Clerk will communicate, in writing, to the Local Planning Authority the Committee’s decision in respect of applications considered and this is then placed on the District Council planning portal for consideration by the District Council Officers and Planning Committee who will make the final decision.

Although the final decision rests with the Planning Authority, Walmer Town Council is a Statutory Consultee and the responses must be taken into account by the Planning Authority when considering an application.

To help us to consider each application properly Walmer Town Council has also appointed two specialists, a Conservation Warden and a Tree Warden.


* Road Safety – parking/traffic/adequacy of roads
* Potential disturbance to neighbours/locality
* Impact on character of surroundings – bulk, scale, appearance etc. and relationship to context
* Nature conservation interests – habitats/bats/badgers, slow worms
* Effect on character or appearance of a Conservation Area or setting of a listed building
* Precedent
* Planning history – including appeals
* Change of planning circumstances if a renewal application
* Draft Plans – according to progress and any conflict with Development Plan
* Government PPG’s, Circulars and Ministerial statements
* Statutory planning designations e.g.. AONB, SSSI, Green Belt
* Amenity and privacy of dwellings/gardens
* Noise contamination and other forms of pollution
* Availability of parking
* Archaeology
* Economic considerations e.g. jobs/community benefits
* Tourism considerations
* Sustainability
* Countryside – landscape/solitude
* Retail impact
* Timing and prematurity
* Flooding – river/coastal
* Trees and hedgerows
* Loss of open space/playing fields

* The number of objections received
* Loss of a private view
* Infringements of ancient rights to light
* Breach of a covenant attached to land
* Fear a property may be devalued
* Businessman’s fear of competition
* Unproven fear of what might happen
* Political reasons
* Moral objections e.g. to betting/amusement arcades
* Informal opinion of a Planning Officer
* Matters subject to statutory control e.g. Building Regulations
* Private rights of way/land ownership
* Personalities – popular or unpopular

Planning Sustainable Energy of Planning Applications Leaflet produced by Walmer Town Council


Please find below link to Walmer Town Councils submission to Dover District Council regarding the Local Plan.

Walmer Parish Council Local Plan Submission March 2021 

If you have an interest in any planning applications which will be on the agenda which you can access on the Council’s website under Meetings/Agendas and would like to make your views known, then in the first instance please send an email marked for the attention of the Town Clerk to


Planning Applications for 5th of October 2021


24 Channel Lea Walmer CT14 7UG

Raise roof to facilitate a loft conversion, erection of 3no. dormer windows, insertion of 7 no. rooflights to side roofslopes, 2no. windows to front. 1no. to rear appexs, insertion of 2no. windows to ground floor side elevation and replacement bay window to front elevation


210 Dover Road Walmer CT14 7NB

Erection of a single storey rear extension, car port, conversion of basement, changes to windows, front boundary wall and gates.


56 Campbell Road Walmer CT14 7EF

Change of use from holiday let (Use class C1) to residential dwelling (Use class C3).


The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints Gothic Close Walmer CT14 7TS

Holm Oak (evergreen) - crown lift over footpath to 2.5m English Elm - crown lift over footpath to 2.5m and sever ivy to 1.5m above ground level Whitebeam - ringbarked causing tree to die - fell to ground level Field Maple - remove epicormic growth to crown break.


94 Blenheim Road Walmer CT14 7HA

Erection of second floor balcony with glass balustrade to rear elevation.


Generals Meadow Nursing Home St Clare Road Walmer CT14 7PY

Erection of single storey side extension to existing garage, single storey side extension to store/laundry room to link to main building to facilitate conversion to living accommodation, second floor side extension and alterations to roof to create 5no. additional bedrooms.


Royal Marines Association 37 The Strand Walmer CT14 7DX

Erection of a front porch extension and ramp to facilitate disabled access, installation of French doors to the first floor front elevation and glass balustrades to facilitate balcony (existing porch and ramp to be demolished).


The Flights 60 Wellington Parade Walmer CT14 8AB

Erection of a single storey front extension and raised side decking with glass balustrade (existing front conservatory to be demolished)


27 Granville Road Walmer CT14 7LQ

G1 - 3no. Sycamores - crown lift to 5.2m, crown reduce by 3m (30%) and rebalance tree T1 - Single tree right hand side of front garden (viewed from road) - crown reduce to match adjacent group of trees and remove secondary ascending limb to rebalance crown

The decision on all planning applications is made by the District or County Council not by the Town Council.

  • In determining the Town Council’s response, the Town Council will notify when possible, parishioners adjacent to the applicant/s address including the applicant (When social distancing restrictions are lifted)
  • Each Planning Application will be an agenda item on the Town Council Meeting Agenda – nearest date to when the application is notified to the council. 
  • Any member of the public may attend the online Planning Meeting to speak about any planning agenda item.
  • In commenting on planning applications and determining a resolution, the Town Councillors will take into account the views and comments made by parishioners together with any Material Considerations.

A material consideration is a matter that should be taken into account, in deciding a planning application or an appeal against a planning decision.(Below are links to documents to help with planning material considerations)