Volunteer Tree Warden

A vacancy has arisen for a Volunteer Tree Warden working with Walmer Town Council.


As part of its comprehensive planning and conservation work across Walmer an opportunity has arisen for a committed and expert person to join us as volunteer tree warden.

The situation has arisen because of the retirement of our current long serving warden whose work has resulted in improved husbandry of Walmer’s trees, particularly the varied and often splendid trees which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders.

There is at present much talk of re-wilding and planting trees however this does not always have an impact on developers or other individuals who wish to destroy these treasures for their own reasons.

The Tree Warden will be invited to attend the first meeting after they are appointed and thereafter to attend or not as they choose.

While the position primarily involves inspection of Tree planning applications to give the Planning Committee expert and practical advice . WTC owns a large area of diverse planted landscape and interest in conservation of this area would also be welcome.

(We have already planted over forty trees along the streets and have just organised our first tree for the Queens Canopy) and advice with the Tree planting schemes that are currently in place in Walmer would also be welcomed.

Although Tree Protection Orders are in place on a number of beautiful trees in the area, our overall tree stock is reducing and you would be helping to stop this decline in numbers and protect the current landscape.

This position could suit someone with specific knowledge of trees who is keen to share their knowledge for the benefit of the Community such as a recently retired Arborist, arboriculturist, Tree Surgeon or Professional Gardener.

Please contact the Clerk, by letter, email or telephone call. Your role would be valuable contribution to help keep Walmer green.

 If you are interested in becoming a Councillor for Walmer Town Council we would love to hear from you.  Please contact the Clerk ( to find out more information and once a position becomes vacant we will be in touch.

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